Lymphedema Products

Suffering from Painful or Swollen Lymphedema?

Do you know you should treat any swollen limb or joint as soon as possible as untreated lymphedema causes necrosis (death) of body tissue?

If you just had radiotherapy, do you know that untreated lymphedema can increase the incidence of cancer?

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Lymphedema causes tiredness, severe fatigue, discolouration, weakness, numbness, pins and needles, pain and in severe cases causes tissue necrosis. Lymphedema is a disabling condition, but fortunately, it can be effectively treated.

Lymphedema can be treated by four main ways. They are: compression, manual lymph drainage, surgery and low level laser therapy.

Most lymphedema products use the compression, manual lymph drainage and low level laser therapy techniques.

Here are the most common and most effective lymphedema products to treat lymphedema.

Elastic Compression Garments

Elastic compression garments is the most common way to treat lymphedema and can be easily bought at your local chemists or online. They can be worn anywhere on the limbs or body.

Also, there are specific products or garments for different areas of the body. For instance, there are garments designed specifically for the groin or trunk to reduce groin or pectoral edema.

These elastic compression garments can be worn every day and can be worn underneath clothing. These garments are like compression stockings but designed to move fluid or lymph towards the heart.

This lymphedema products is most effective worn after a session of manual lymph drainage.

If you do not find the correct size or shape for your body, you can purchase custom made elastic compression garment to fit your body. These can be found online or by referral from your general practitioner.

Lymphedema Creams

There are lymphedema or creams that help aid lymph drainage via manual lymph drainage. For instance, there are lymphedema products such as Medi Comfort Cream which helps to improve lymph drainage, skin rejuvenation and tissue repair via manual lymph drainage.

Also, with lymphedema it is very important to keep your skin in healthy condition as it is common for lymphedema sufferers to suffer from dermatitis and dry skin. So it is best to moisturise and take very good care of your skin.

Lymphedema Bandaging or Wrapping

Using compression bandaging or wrapping is an effective way to move lymph fluid out of your limps. They allow the lymph fluid to circulate and move out of the tissue better by adding extra pressure to the lymph vessels. Compression bandage is quite inexpensive compared to elastic compression garments and is very easy to purchase. These bandages are very similar to sport bandages for sprained wrists and ankles.

Sequential Gradient Pump Therapy

With this treatment, a multi-chambered pneumatic sleeve is wrapped around an affective area of poor lymph drainage to help move lymph out of the limb. It uses a compression pump to squeeze and relax the limb so that lymph can circulate back to the blood system. It also helps to break up any hard fibrotic tissue that has been built up.

This lymphedema treatment feels like a blood pressure machine where your blood pressure is taken and your arm is being squeezed by a garment, except the feeling is more comfortable and relaxing.

This lymphedema product can be used at home and for any area of the body.

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